Office of

Emergency Management


The Parkesburg Office of Emergency Management (OEM) plans, prepares for and trains for disasters or emergencies that will effect the residents and visitors to Parkesburg Borough. The OEM works with the local Police, Fire and EMS agencies along with County and Commonwealth agencies in preparation, mitigation and recovery efforts. The OEM also will work with local businesses, daycares and groups with preparedness training, the OEM also coordinates emergency response and recovery efforts, and disseminates emergency information.


Preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating and taking corrective action in a effort to ensure effective coordination during incident responses and improving the effort through a formal evaluation process.

Planning is looking at the larger picture as plans are developed to address more comprehensive expanded incidents whether they be natural, human-made or terrorism.


Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of a disaster. There are 4 steps in the hazard mitigation planning process:

  1. Organization of resources.

  2. Assessment of risk.

  3. Development of a mitigation plan.

  4. And Implementation and monitoring of the plan.

The following 6 categories are associated with Mitigation efforts:

  1. Prevention.

  2. Property protection.

  3. Public education and awareness.

  4. Natural resource protection.

  5. Emergency services.

  6. Structural projects.


Development of an Emergency Operations Plan, evaluation of the plan through table top as well as full-scale exercises.

A table top exercise is designed to walk through EOP's with selected Police, Fire, EMS, Roads Department and other local governmental personnel.

A full-scale exercise is conducted and designed to test both the command and tactical response to an emergency event. A full-scale should include key members of various response agencies and organizations.


As with a basic fire salvage operation, recovery efforts for a large scale event, disaster or emergency begins with the initial response operations----providing basic shelter, food, clothing--- this can continue long after the emergency response is over, and the recovery possibly being completed in phases.

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